Reviews for The Unnamed Bears Favor

This novella is a lushly worded, tightly paced journey into mystery, in the most traditional sense of the word. The author evokes the worldview of a paleolithic person in a way that feels authentic -Jim R. (Goodreads)

Good, quick read. I’d recommend it if you are between books. -Author Ethan Proud (Amazon)

I liked the tribes and the inter-tribe politics described in this book. There were numerous detailed traditions that were both interesting and significant to the story.
I also thought the length of the story was perfect. Not too short where there were not enough details but not to long that it felt dragged out. Monica Khan(Goodreads)

This book is magical and mythical, and jumps right into Chinese mythology. I don’t know much about Chinese mythology, so at first it was hard to understand everything that was happening, because the author gave little background (until the very end of the book). Upon reading the true myths, the story started to make much more sense to me. I would recommend this book to people interested in Chinese mythology and culture for a capturing little read.-Maddy H. (Bookseller, NetGalley)

Though I haven’t explored this genre much, I decided to read this book when it was recommended by my friend and I received a free reader copy. However, I’m reviewing it voluntarily so I can share my experience with fellow readers who love fantasy books.

The Unnamed Bears Favor is a well-researched, well-crafted work by the author. Those who are enlightened will reach the depth of his imagination here. The story of an unnamed village outcast started random and slow, but everything made a connection as I flipped through the pages.

It’s beautiful to see how this unnamed brave boy walks through an adventurous life journey with his brotherly tribe to try achieving a name that could define his identity and life’s purpose. The rich vocab is complemented by dramatic scenes, which I loved most about this book. I almost got immersed in the world of adorned warriors and dreadful ogres. I’m glad I came across and read this novelette. -Author Ruchika Pahwa (Amazon India)