The Unnamed Bears Favor Released!

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The Unnamed Bears Favor by J. Lyon Layden

“A horn grew from the woman’s forehead–something like a rhino’s, but much smaller and darker in hue.”

Mythical China, 9000 B.C.E. Summoned by the village priestess, a nameless outcast must undergo initiation into the Rik-Sika, a band of hunter-assassins. To earn his place, he must travel with them to the ruins of his people’s stronghold, which sits on a plateau near the roof of the world. On the perilous journey, he encounters restless ghosts, monstrous devil-bears, and the dreaded ogres who rule the mountains. Faced with unimaginable odds, the unnamed boy discovers his true name and with it, a powerful secret buried by his ancestors long ago. 

Armed with a dark and powerful knowledge but burdened by its weight, the boy must choose between his own life and the fate of the tribe.

A prehistoric fiction story set in the Neolithic, when monsters roamed the wilderness, stone cities rose from the plains, and more magic filled the world than in many a fantasy tale!

Available everywhere in paperback or ebook/kindle!